Brief overviews of a selection of tools I’ve written over the course of my time as a tech artist.

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A tool which recreates game levels in 3ds Max.

Allows users to search for the the source files of art assets, and where those art assets are placed in the game world.

A tool for users to search for materials by the textures used by those materials.

An interface for users to quickly generate primitive or convex hull collision proxies for selected objects.

Creates a Windows Scheduled Task to automatically sync to user-defined Perforce depots at a set time, every day. Saves time by syncing before user arrives at the office, and can even function without the user being logged into Windows

Remove Mid-Edge Verts

Deletes verts in selection which have only two edge connections.

UV Copy Paste

Copies an object’s UVs from UV Channel 1 to UV Channel 2 This script minimizes the number of steps an artist must perform to achieve the same result; allows rapid iteration when creating new assets whose material requires two separate UV channels.

A system to ensure materials are consistent between 3ds max scene files.

A tool which displays, hierarchically, all the materials in the scene, and provides an interface for performing batch rename operations upon those materials.

This system gives users the ability to perform common Perforce operations upon the currently-open 3ds Max scene: Add, Edit, Revert, and Submit.

A tool which generates proxy geometry for skinned mesh based on which vertices are mostly greatly-weighted to a given bone.