UDK Tutorials

Flaming Rainbow Material – UDK

A friend lamented that she couldn’t have a flaming rainbow as seen in one of the recent Dairy Queen commercials. So, I made one in UDK. Explanation if there’s enough interest.


Flaming Rainbow Material (Advanced) – UDK

Thought process and instructions on how to proceduralize the rainbow texture using custom HLSL nodes.


kActor Physics Doors – UDK

How to create a dynamic physics door in Unreal, instead of having to animate one in Unreal. Includes instructions on how to constrain the door to a specific range of motion.


Player Position-based Material – UDK

Shows you how to create and implement a material that lerps between two textures or colors based on the player’s position.


Rule of Thirds Camera – UDK

I was having trouble composing shots for cinematics, so I built a handy tool that draws rule of third lines to any perspective viewport or screen in UDK.